Monday, April 6, 2009

Go Forward Young Muslims

I sometimes lie awake at night
And wonder at the stars so bright
I dream about my future too
And the things that I will do
Soon the world will count on me
I�m the future they agree
People depend on me somehow
Though small and timid, I am now
So you and I my dearest friend
Must stand together till the end
For we are one by Allah�s grace
No matter what our colour or race
We must prepare ourselves today
While we journey on our life�s way
So much there is to learn and see
For true believers we must be
Rap: Yeah, yeah. Come on. Yeah, yeah. Come on.
Go forward young Muslims, wherever you are
In the shadow of the sun or by the light of a star
Your Supreme protector is Almighty Allah
Go forward young Muslims wherever you are
Go forward young Muslims we feel your pain.
So many places, Palestine, People are dying, mothers are crying
Bombs are falling from the sky, people asking why.
The only thing that we can do is pray to God, to help them through
But do they realize that Allah hates those who kill and despise.
I think that�s no surprise. We must rise up.
Come on young Muslims, gotta rise up. Come on young Muslims.
Together we must stand in the Masjid to pray,
Pray for a better day, a better way
To make this world a better place.
Cause lets face it, it�s out of control.
We need to grab hold of each other, unite as one Ummah.
Like back in the days of the Companions of the Prophet,
Some were young, they were strong and they loved each other
Brothers and sisters and they could die for one another. Yeah. Yeah.
So stand up young Muslims. Say it out loud, it�s time to be counted.
Right here, right now. Yeah, right here. Come on, right now.
O Allah we love you so
Give us health and make us grow
Be with us each passing day
While we journey on life�s way

Friday, April 3, 2009

My First Blog

In the name of Allah, the Benifecent, the Merciful.

Inspired by prisonerofjoy's blog, I myself have made one with the same intentions in heart--a form of worship, a bell to awaken my fellow muslims specially the youth who are now so engrossed with the life of this world, and a medium through which Islam may be portrayed in its pristine and untarnished nature contrary to what the biased media present.

I pray that may Allah accept this sacrifice of mine and make it an instrument of Islam. Ameen.